Brittani Anglin





Working in paper, fabric, clay, metal, color, 

digital media, installation, performance




To protect the sacred.        

What is sacred?

Life is Sacred.    




Migration is a pervasive theme in the life and work of Brittani Anglin, an artist whose childhood was defined by impermanence and mobility. Out of those circumstances evolved an innate ability to settle into unfamiliar environments and gracefully proceed with her calling – to create purposeful art that is individually and socially transformative.


The relationship between inner process and public expression is essential to the artistic process. Brittani has kept journals since she was a child, as does her mother, and sustains a spiritual dialogue with her grandmother. Ancestral narratives, along with dreamwork and other divinatory practices, provide the inspiration for Brittani’s artwork. Creations such as Crane City occupy public spaces as ephemeral acts of suspended animation that inspire wonder in those who experience them either as participants or viewers.


For Brittani, the meaning of materials is integral to creation. Found objects are containers for self-expression and collective forms of community making. Hers is an eco-conscious and ritualistic practice of divining materials from her surroundings, imbuing even the most common of objects with meaning. This mirrors her approach to human resources as Brittani encourages public participation in community-based acts of co-creation. The artistic process is nothing less than the revelation of undiscovered, yet ever present, beauty in the world.


"I'm inspired by creating harmony on the planet. I want my art to bring people a feeling of lightness, inspiration, joy and beauty."


There is a far-reaching, mythical quality to Brittani’s work. Through a thematic engagement with motifs central to the collective unconscious, she searches for pathways through both the physical and metaphysical worlds. There is something Brittani wants to say about the world yet struggles to fully articulate. How do we participate in one another’s artistic and spiritual journey? How do we contribute stories that feel relatable to the evolution of mankind?


Our purpose as human beings on this Earth is a simple one. We are individually and collectively responsible for change. These interactive community art pieces restore what it means to be in each other’s hearts and lives. They inspire and enlighten. I hope to extend this form of art throughout the world.. 




Brittani Anglin is an emerging, sustainable visual artist who, over her lifetime, has traveled coast-to-coast. At the age of nine, she was gifted an origami book and began repeatedly folding frogs, paper cranes, planes and stars. Art became a way of bridging conflicting feelings of separation and curiosity during frequent relocations. At 18, Brittani moved to the southwest, completing her education at The Museum of Art High School, an alternative school for youth. She moved back to the Midwest and pursued interests in healing arts and ceramics. “In my early 20's, travel was a means to avoid intimacy. I focused on coming to terms with my own suffering through self-help books and spiritual study. I objectified my own experience and studied others at a distance. Now, my art represents what it means to respect the community as a whole, to understand the value of each individual, to acknowledge we are always a community regardless of our differences in background & experiences.” Having journeyed since childhood, Brittani eventually found herself in the Pacific Northwest. She now makes her home in Seattle, where her most significant artistic output to date has occurred. 

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